October 3, 2023

Richmond’s Commonwealth Club, Marriott Westin Buckle To Bullying


On the evening of Friday, Sept. 22 and on Saturday, Sept. 23, The Virginia Council and Common Sense Society were planning to host citizen-journalist Andy Ngo (pronounced no) at a forum in Richmond. The intention was to hear Ngo speak about his experiences exposing the violence and intimidation from leftwing Antifa and autograph copies of his book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.

The original venue was to be at downtown Richmond’s Commonwealth Club.

• • •

However, when word about the event got out, Antifa began an intimidation campaign, club management buckled, and withdrew their welcome. Scrambling, the event sponsors quickly found a second venue: the Westin Hotel, owned and operated by Marriott Corporation.

Seemingly encouraged by their success at intimidating the Commonwealth Club, the bullies next directed their attacks at the Westin by sending threatening phone calls.

• • •

Refusing to be intimidated, event organizers scrambled again to find a third venue. Remarkably, within about six hours, they found a spot in Henrico County willing to host the gathering.

Scott Dreyer is a contributor to The Roanoke Star Sentinel and TheRoanokeStar.com, an independent, community-focused online news source.

Originally published in TheRoanokeStar.com.
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