February 2, 2024

Representative Good Calls for a Congressional Review of the Naming Commission

RICHMONDThe Virginia Council, a citizen initiative dedicated to preserving Virginia’s history and creating a more prosperous future for all Virginians supports the legislative move that calls for a congressional review of the Naming Commission that has served as an agent of historical desecration, not cultural progress.

Conceived during the COVID and George Floyd crises, the Naming Commission's impact is now questioned after a destructive four years thanks to a new request from Congressman Bob Good (VA-05). Concerns about overreach call for a reassessment and correction. This decision to investigate and review the Naming Commission is a first step (of many) in putting a stop to the historical and cultural destruction in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Naming Commission has extended its influence well beyond proposing new base and ship names, causing a ripple effect that has resulted in the removal of statues, paintings from library walls, and museum exhibits. Battle streamers were expelled from regimental colors of honor, memorial walks saw bricks pried up, and construction cranes yanked memorials of the deceased out of cemeteries. The shocking breadth of the commission's actions caught many Americans off guard, fostering a perception that cancel culture and the DEI agenda have run rampant through Defense Department assets. Congressman Good's brave leadership, alongside the bipartisan efforts of others, is crucial in upholding Virginia's rich historical significance and cultural traditions.

The Virginia Council stands staunchly against historical desecration in all its forms, asserting its commitment to preserving the historical integrity of monuments and memorials. This perspective aligns with a growing sentiment throughout Virginia that careful consideration and respect for historical context should guide decisions related to the modification or removal of historical markers.

Learn more about The Virginia Council by visiting https://thevirginiacouncil.org.

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