June 30, 2024

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Dear Members,
Thank you to the overflowing group of great Virginians and guests who joined us this past week for our monthly meeting focused on the destruction of art and monuments in and around Richmond. Our Vice Chair, Dr. Ann McLean, revealed the ugly reality of what happened four years ago this week… and it was NOT symbolic of a healthy republic. For some of you, the visual realization of what has already been lost to the angry mob and the crass leftists was shocking. As usual the media largely praised the illegal destruction and rioting as a noble “racial reckoning” instead of as lawlessness and the abysmal loss of priceless art and historic landmarks. What was more disturbing in Dr. McLean's presentation was the realization that we are being primed and manipulated for a Marxist takeover on our own shores. Like diagnosing a disease that has killed people around the world but is new to its latest domestic victims- the class struggle plan to dominate and crush free societies is only clear once you've been educated in their game plan. Modern patriots must boldly stand up to stop this cultural gangrene wherever it appears. We are doing that by educating our neighbors and by dragging these miscreants into court to account for what they've done and stop them from continuing. I hope in the coming months you'll join us at our events and by contributing to our legal fund in our civilized effort to fight back against these corrupting forces that are rising in our midst. To contribute, click here.

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John Reid, Founding Chairman
The Virginia Council

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Happy Fourth of July from everyone at The Virginia Council!

The Virginia Council has been blessed with unwavering support from the community since its founding a few years ago. And we decided to add some new ways to thank you for your ongoing assistance in our efforts to educate and inform Virginians. 

Announcing the Virginia Council membership reward program which we will roll out over the next few weeks! Click here to join.

  • Member level: Simple membership is free when you sign up for our email newsletter or attend a monthly meeting.
  • Liberty level: For an annual contribution of $100 you get the newsletter, access to our monthly meetings and a commemorative Virginia Council lapel pin.
  • Patriot level: When you step up to make an annual contribution of $250 you receive first access to tickets to our annual Christmas and Patriot Parties, the commemorative Virginia Council pin, and the newsletter and monthly meeting access.
  • President's Council level: For a commitment of $1000 you receive the newsletter, access to our monthly meetings, 2 lapel pins, 2 invitations to both of our annual parties, and 2 VIP tickets to one Virginia Forum lecture of your choice.
  • We hope you'll find these rewards an added incentive to help fund our efforts to restore a full view of Virginia's history, monuments & role that government plays in our lives.

We appreciate all your support and encouragement and look forward to bringing you more compelling voices of liberty, freedom, and conscience over the next year.

- The Executive Board of the Virginia Council

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Dr. Ann McLean explained to a standing room crowd the effect that the Cultural Revolution has had in Virginia on places and objects of artistic and historical importance. The audience learned what you probably suspect: that priceless fine art on Virginia's Historic Register is not immune to perversion and destruction. The audience saw what happens when iconoclasts subordinate art to non-artistic agendas.
Dr. McLean focused on the 4-stage plan of internal subversion revealed in 1970 by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov and how this plan has been incrementally realized in Richmond, Virginia.  Dr. McLean engaged the lunch crowd and revealed the current condition of public artworks and how other symbols and ceremonies are being “re-imagined”. Rest assured, the denigration and destruction of our history from the left goes far beyond monuments and statues to the very essence of our constitutional republic.

To learn more about what Bezmenov revealed about communist subversion read the story by Scott Powell in The Federalist here.

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