September 23, 2023

Multiple Venues Cancel Journalism Event Featuring Andy Ngo After Doxxing, 'Bullying' by Antifa


Multiple event venues in Virginia have canceled on the organizers of a journalism conference after pressure and threats from a local Antifa group

The Common Sense Society and The Virginia Council were to host the inaugural "Virginia Forum" Sept. 22 featuring journalist and author Andy Ngo, who has reported extensively on uncovering connections between Antifa and the riots in Portland, Oregon, and Richmond, Virginia. 

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The Virginia Council’s founding chairman, John Reid, said this isn't the first time the group has been threatened by violent extremists.

"The Virginia Council was founded in 2021 to preserve Virginia’s history and promote prosperity and the rule of law in the face of violence and destruction by groups like Antifa. We were not intimidated in 2021, and we will not be intimidated now. Good things are worth standing up for," he said. 

"Free speech, the rule of law, truth — these things will prevail over bullying, slander and intimidation. Andy Ngo was courageous in Portland, and we will be courageous in Richmond." 

Brianna Herlihy is a politics writer for Fox News Digital. Fox News Digital's Jamie Joseph contributed to this report. 

Originally published in Fox News.
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