June 26, 2024

Monthly Meeting with Dr. Ann McLean

Park Lane Tavern, Glen Allen, VA
12:00 PM
The Virginia Council

On June 26th, the Virginia Council presents
“Attack on History: 'Detach, Demoralize, Destroy’"
By Dr. Ann McLean, Ph.D.

At this meeting, you will learn what you already know, that priceless fine art on Virginia's Historic Register is not immune to perversion and destruction. You will see what happens when iconoclasts subordinate art to non-artistic agendas.

Dr. McLean focuses on the 4-stage plan revealed in 1970 by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, and how this plan has been incrementally realized in Richmond, Virginia.

Come see the effect our Cultural Revolution in Virginia has had on places you know and love.  Dr. McLean’s participatory teaching style will engage the audience and reveal the condition of priceless fine art of local war heroes and how other symbols and ceremonies are being “re-imagined”.


Born and raised in Virginia, Dr. McLean earned a BA in English Literature from Davidson College in North Carolina, before working in New York and Washington, DC. She earned a MA and PhD in Art and Architectural History (1981, 1998) from The University of Virginia, raised a family of four daughters with husband, Andy McLean, and served as founding Head of Hunter Classical Christian School.

She enjoys studio art, her family, her dog , sports and Bible study.

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