August 3, 2023

Common Sense Society Announces New Partnership with The Virginia Council

International network to work with Virginian civic leaders to promote liberty, prosperity, and beauty at the local level

ALEXANDRIACommon Sense Society (CSS), a leading international educational network, has announced a formal partnership with The Virginia Council, a citizen initiative dedicated to preserving Virginia’s history and creating a more prosperous future for all Virginians.

The group was formed in the winter of 2021 after two long years of ugly, divisive, and often physically destructive cultural conflict across Virginia. Made up of volunteers, The Virginia Council takes legal and cultural action to preserve the traditions that make us distinctly Virginian and advance civil discourse and the rule of law so that all citizens of the Commonwealth can prosper.

“CSS is pleased to come alongside the great volunteers at The Virginia Council who are already hard at work promoting liberty, prosperity, and beauty in the Commonwealth,” said Marion Smith, CSS president and C.E.O. “Virginia’s history and culture have seen more than their fair share of ideologically-motivated attacks. We cannot lie down and accept historical vandalism. We cannot allow individual rights and the rule of law to be replaced by coercive ideology. The Virginia Council educates the public on the significance of historic resources and provides a space where Virginians can build a society that learns from the past while paving a way to the future. We are honored to play a part in their mission.”

“Culture is not disposable,” said John Reid, founding chairman of The Virginia Council. “Despite a barbaric history-erasing campaign that has insulted, injured and fed our neighbors lies over the past several years, we remain motivated to not only preserve the good traditions and institutions, but to work to perfect them. Since 2021, hundreds of Virginians have joined our volunteer movement to take personal responsibility for their communities and neighborhoods while making their voices heard beyond partisan politics. Our mission is ongoing—to preserve Virginia’s history and craft the most prosperous future for all of its citizens.”

For more information, or to schedule an interview with John Reid or Marion Smith, please contact Emily Soper at
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