September 29, 2023

BREAKING: Richmond Democratic Party Leader Arrested After Alleged Bomb Threat at The Virginia Council Event

RICHMOND—The Virginia Council, a citizen’s initiative of Common Sense Society, recently hosted a successful inaugural Virginia Forum with Andy Ngo in Henrico County despite an organized harassment and doxxing campaign from local Antifa elements. Unfortunately, the threats didn’t stop at harassing phone calls to hotel desks.

When the final location (shared only with registrants for security purposes) was leaked on social media, it came to our attention that an official member of the Richmond Democratic Party tweeted “on my way to the andy ngo event,” accompanied by a photo of a man carrying a box labeled “dynamite.”  

Jimmie Lee Jarvis was arrested by the Henrico County sheriff's office on September 28 around 4:00 P.M. EST on accusations of bomb / burn threat charges. 

“Mr. Jarvis’s threats speak to why we formed The Virginia Council in the first place,” said John Reid, The Virginia Council founding chairman. “Antifa exists only to destroy. Since 2019, they’ve attempted to normalize vandalism, bullying, and physical violence in Virginia. They burn buses, deface monuments, and threaten our citizens. But this is our hometown, and we will not tolerate it. The Virginia Council will make a stand to protect our neighbors, our city, and our state. History, truth, and rule of law are on our side. We thank Henrico County P.D. for their good work in disarming these radical domestic terrorists.”

Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Independent—wherever you stand, we welcome you to join The Virginia Council in promoting the rule of law so that Virginians can thrive and take pride in our Commonwealth. 

ABOUT THE VIRGINIA COUNCIL: The Virginia Council is a citizen’s initiative of Common Sense Society, made up of Virginians who are passionate about preserving the traditions that make us distinctly Virginian and advancing civil discourse and the rule of law so that all citizens of the Commonwealth can prosper.

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