September 24, 2023

Andy Ngo Stands Up to Antifa in Virginia


Journalist Andy Ngo has again faced the relentless push of cancel culture as his address scheduled this week in Richmond, Virginia, saw multiple venue cancellations due to pressure and threats from Antifa. The event, organized by The Virginia Council and Common Sense Society, was planned to be held at the Commonwealth Club. However, relentless pressure from far-left activists forced a second venue to back out, highlighting the ongoing battle against free speech.

Ngo, renowned for uncovering the connections between Antifa and various riots, intended to bring light to critical issues surrounding public safety and freedom of speech. However, organized campaigns by Antifa-affiliated individuals aimed to suppress his message. They leveraged social media, coordinating to expose event locations and prompting venues to cancel due to “safety” concerns. Flyers branding Ngo as unwelcome, along with false accusations and mischaracterizations, further fueled the pressure.

Holland McKinnie is a freelance writer and political contributor. He holds degrees in public administration and law. He enjoys reading, history, and amateur mathematics. Holland is a Tennessee native and lives on Kentucky Lake where he hunts, fishes, and camps at every opportunity. You can follow him on Twitter: @WriterOnTheLake

Originally published in Freedom Press.
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