September 20, 2023

Andy Ngo Forced to Hold Virginia Event in Secret Location Amid Antifa Cancel Campaign


Andy Ngo was scheduled to speak at an event organized by The Virginia Council and Common Sense Society at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond, Virginia on September 22, but the venue recently backed out, deciding not to host him and a slate of other speakers.

The event will go on as planned at a new location, however to prevent Antifa activists from shutting it down, Ngo has announced that he will only divulge the details to ticket holders closer to the 22nd.

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Reid issued a statement on the matter to The Post Millenial, which read: 

“The Virginia Council was founded in 2021 to preserve Virginia’s history and promote prosperity and the rule of law in the face of violence and destruction by groups like Antifa. We were not intimidated in 2021, and we will not be intimidated now. Good things are worth standing up for. Free speech, the rule of law, truth—these things will prevail over bullying, slander, and intimidation. Andy Ngo was courageous in Portland, and we will be courageous in Richmond. We look forward to an engaging—and clearly very necessary—discussion with him on Friday. And we look forward to partnering with principled Virginians in the months and years to come to advance prosperity in the Commonwealth.”

Meanwhile, the Common Sense Society, the event's co-organizer, gave the following statement: 

“Andy Ngo has shown courage and resolve in the face of slander and opposition, promoting liberty and exposing hypocrisy despite threats to his physical safety. It is ironic that our original location for Friday’s Virginia Forum, The Commonwealth Club, is painting Andy as “problematic” when they only backed out of the event once the truly problematic and disruptive group Antifa applied pressure online. We stand by our friend and guest speaker Andy. We will not fold under Antifa’s threats."

Jarryd Jaeger is a proud Vancouverite and graduate of the University of British Columbia, where he served as president of the UBC Free Speech Club.

Originally published in The Post Millennial.
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